A side Tumblr i don't use as often, so following is really upon you. I basically use this as an outlet for all my guilty pleasures, so look ahead, but you won't find much, unless you're into these things as well!


So… I can’t be the only one waiting for Kip to break out dancing in front of Marina while Sarah and Greg join him as Robbie films


Just me?

It’s okay, a girl can dream

and i’m sorry for ranting so much but i really wish i had a friend to watch this with and obsess over it. Sadly my best friend finds Stef and Lena’s relationship “disturbing” and that statement alone makes me want to do this

but i mean respect other people’s opinions right?

Guys… how the hell are we supposed to wait till January, that’s simply impossible. In other news my woman crush for Maia Mitchell is growing stronger as well as my obsession for David Lambert

Anyone in this fandom willing to reccomend some awesome Kickin’ It Fan fiction? I’ve been having a hard time finding some well written ones, please?

Slowly converting my cousin into a TGP fan

My Cousin: Blake and Nellie are totally going to end up together

Me: NOOOO Michael and Nellie forever!

My Cousin: BLELLIE


My Cousin: Wait no.......we all know Blichael for life!